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Institute on Methods and Protocols for Advancement of Clinical Trials in ADRD

A comprehensive training program in clinical trials for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.

San Diego, CA
Professionals Track: September 11-14, 2022
Fellowship Track: September 11-16, 2022

Welcome to IMPACT-AD

Thank you for your interest in the IMPACT-AD Course.

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Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders (ADRD) are public health crises and critical areas of scientific effort. The National Institutes of Health, Alzheimer’s Association, and other federal, state, and non-profit funders of research are investing heavily in the science of ADRD in an effort to curb the impact of these debilitating, burdensome, and costly disorders. Tremendous advances made in understanding the pathobiology of disease will ultimately have one final pathway to impacting clinical care and public health – randomized controlled clinical trials.

IMPACT-AD was founded to train the next generation of ADRD clinical trialists, to ensure that investments in discovery yield outcomes for patients and families. Our goal is to provide education and tools to establish a national cohort of qualified investigators to guide the field toward improved therapies. Equally importantly, we are focused on diversifying the ADRD trial workforce. This diversity is manifold: it includes the demographic characteristics of investigators (age, race, ethnicity, etc.), but also their specialties (physicians, psychologists, statisticians, etc.), backgrounds (rural, urban, etc.), and career stage or current position (current AD Clinical Trial Consortium (ACTC) site, non-ACTC academic site, non-academic site). IMPACT-AD will be successful if it produces an outstanding, well-trained, diverse, and knowledgeable cohort of collaborative investigators who will carry the mantle of the National Plan to Address AD.

IMPACT-AD will leverage the outstanding collection of investigators, including members of the ACTC and beyond. National and international leaders in ADRD trials will gather annually to provide a unique, interactive, cutting edge educational experience in ADRD trials. We offer two tracks for those interested in advancing their careers in ADRD trials.


Rema Raman, PhD

IMPACT-AD Co-Director

Joshua Grill, PhD

IMPACT-AD Co-Director

Watch a message from Richard J. Hodes, MD, Director of the National Institute on Aging

A message from Maria Carrillo, PhD, CSO of the Alzheimer’s Association

Course Tracks

Professionals Track
September 11-14, 2022

Individuals selected to this track have at least 2 years of experience in ADRD research and/or clinical trials (in a broad variety of roles including, but not limited to clinicians, study coordinators, psychometricians, and other study professionals) and will be trained to further their knowledge and advance their careers in ADRD trials.

Fellowship Track
September 11-16, 2022

Individuals selected to this track will be trained to serve as Principal Investigators in ADRD trials and offered mentored training in protocol development.

Course Details

Goals of the Course

To provide early-stage investigators and those new to AD trials with a unique, comprehensive, and active learning experience in ADRD trials.

This will be accomplished by leveraging the full infrastructure and expertise of the Alzheimer’s Clinical Trials Consortium (ACTC) to enable a diverse range of clinicians, scientists and researchers to receive modern and robust training on ADRD clinical trials.


Our Supporters

National Institute on Aging

Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimer's Clinical Trials Consortium



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Thank you so much, Rema and Josh! It has been an incredible two days! I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity.

Thank you to all of the faculty, organizers and fellow students; looking forward to ongoing discussions and collaboration with the group!

Thank you everyone! It's been such a valuable couple of days!

Thanks everyone!

Thank you so much, this has been phenomenal!

Thank you! This was wonderful and look forward to future activities!

Thank you! This has been very helpful! I certainly would be interested in future zoom lectures!

Thanks everyone! This has been awesome!

Very thankful for all the presenters sharing the knowledge. Fully committed with replicating and applying what we have learned.

Thank you for a wonderful course!

So thankful that I was selected to participate - this has been amazing! Thank you all!!!

This was a fantastic course! Very inspiring speakers and loved every minute of it. Thank you for ALL the effort in planning this course out.

Thank you very much to all the faculty and trainees for this wonderful opportunity.

Thank you so much for the opportunity and experience provided through this exceptional course!

IMPACT-AD has exceeded expectations!! Thank you for all the effort you’ve put into and sense of community you have created through this course.

The openness and friendliness is remarkable! Thank you for everything provided in the course!!

It was a priceless experience. Thank you!!

It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to learn from all of the faculty and trainees. This was an amazing program. Mostly importantly, I appreciate the outpouring of support and ongoing opportunities to learn from you.

You are all AWESOME - Congratulations on great course.

The conference was an excellent experience, I know it was a challenge to move everything to virtual setting, Drs. Grill and Raman were amazing and terrific. Thank you all.

Thanks for the exquisite job that you and your team did, organizing and effecting the IMPACT-AD course. It seemed to go very well.

Thank you, Tyler and the IMPACT-AD team for an excellent program!

I really enjoyed it and learned a lot!

Thank you SOO much for your amazing organization skill. Slides are well organized and we are so well informed in advance through your timely e-mails.

I thought the first IMPACT-AD was a phenomenal success all the way through planning, virtual pivot, and production. Everyone did a fantastic job and I was grateful to be involved. The tech side of things was seamless, and I want to congratulate Tyler, Riley, and Taylor for an amazing job. (Side note, I've already had one of the trainees schedule a time to talk about their K application!)